Writing therapy workshop video

Hello everyone,
I decided to post up a video of my writing therapy workshops that I run. If you wish to go through the exercises on there, you can simply pause me and then do the exercise and then unpause the video and resume answering questions.

I would love to know your thoughts about it and what effect it may have had for you. You can also download my e-book to get more information and exercises. I also have discovered research now that states that you can write about sexual abuse but it is good to write around the edges of it in a way. A good friend of mine used it to write down sexual abuse trauma and she was released in a dramatic way! I was very excited.

Anyway, here is the video. I would love to know your thoughts. I am continuing to write my novel and I am enjoying this process. Go well for 2018!

My book can be downloaded here:

Or in print as well:


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