About Suzanne

Suzanne has been writing since she was a little kid. Her first stories when she was 10 years old, she loved writing and drawing cartoons and wanted to be a cartoonist when she grew up. Grape Ape, The Smurfs and Peanuts were an obsession and she used to write and illustrate her own comic books. From the age of five when she first encountered words, in Kindergarten on a manila folder game, she fell completely in love. As she grew up, Suzanne became obsessed with writing, and creating stories that would invoke empathy and allow the reader to live, breathe and feel what the characters do in an intimate emotional dance.

During her young life Suzanne wanted to be a visual artist. She was always drawing and painting. But in the end she decided writing was her passion, so she studied journalism. In the following 20 years, Suzanne worked as a freelance journalist for different publications and most recently has graduated with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing in 2017.

Throughout her life Suzanne’s writing career blossomed, in journalism, but also creatively. Suzanne believes that her many experiences in life, personally and professionally, allow her to more richly and freely write about other people’s experiences.

Her short stories and poems have appeared in many journals over the years, including in Compassion: A Creative Anthology, The Quarry Journal, Grapeshot Magazine, Studio Magazine, Time Off and Heretical magazines. Her journalism has been published in many publications including; AMG Magazine, The New Internationalist, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Big Issue, The Review Independent Monthly, Boardwalk Magazine amongst many others.

Her book Freedom Writing has been Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon USA and Australia. Suzanne’s poetry received an award from the SCLA Annual Writing Competition and her short story on Amazon Shorts came 6th out of 300 entries. Her novel, Where the Sun Rises was launched in October, 2019. This novel was written over four years and involved more than 2000 hours of research as well as a trip to the Israeli border with Syria to do on the ground research. It was completed as part of her Masters.

Suzanne has now started her second novel. She remains fascinated by people and characters who do unique and unconventional things, and is driven by a desire to tell these stories and bring to life different perspectives and experiences for readers.

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4 thoughts on “About Suzanne

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  1. One of the best teachers for whom I could’ve asked. I felt compelled to attend every one of her classes and ensure that the quality of work I handed in was of the upmost standard and representation of my learning ability.

    From day one she stood a mark of inspiration for my own journey as a writer and I feel I will always acknowledge her part in shaping the journalist I have become.

    I am privileged to have been one of her students. On a greater note, as friends, Suzanne still inspires me.


    1. Hi RIP, thank you so much! What a lovely message, that means a lot to me. 🙂 You were an excellent student, I was glad I could teach you, and you’re a good friend to me now.
      Thanks again for your lovely words. 🙂


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