Character drawing…:)

Hey guys,

I hope you are going okay in isolation at the moment with your family or a friend around. Today, after doing some of my work at home I got to do some drawing, this is one of the characters from my book, Sozan, she is based loosely on a real person but then I created her backstory and personality.

I think she is one of my favourite characters, but I love them all haha. 

I hope this conveys something of her character, she is spirited, bold and fearless. She loves her friends above everything. 🙂

Short stories & Poetry…

Hey guys, for anyone who likes short stories of real life, with people from different backgrounds, geographies and situations, this collection would be a great distraction. It has some poetry at the end as well. 🙂 You can click on the link below to read the e-book if you would like.

I hope you are all staying safe at this time! Love and prayers to you. Suz

New Reviews – Where the Sun Rises…

Sunrise in Kobane, Syria.

A story of devastating loss and ultimate triumph

“This is a war story unlike any I’ve read. Thoroughly researched with easy to read prose, I was initially intrigued by a story about female soldiers: what makes vibrant young women risk everything by taking up arms and leaving families already decimated by war? As each woman is drawn into the conflict we learn more about them: their culture, their land, their history and yes, why they take up arms. While we learn about how they train and fight, this was not the highlight for me. With each new chapter I was drawn deeper into the lives of these truly courageous women bravely confronting the horrors of ISIS. Together they suffer devastating losses but also experience the deepest love of friendship, sisterhood and sacrifice. The story builds to a tragic climax of seemingly senseless loss that will bring tears to many readers (as it did for me). But the final chapters show us the results of all they suffered, made all the more poignant by the historical truth it’s based on. My life is richer having read this novel. Definitely recommend it!” 

Amazon Customer

“A great account of what the Kurdish women and men achieved against a vile enemy. Not just a book about conflict but the conflicts that these women faced. A book that well documented the human struggles of all wars. I highly recommend it to all modern history buffs.”

Angus McGeachie

Hold everything lightly…

Hi everyone,

The sky was so delicate and soft that night I took the pics and this person was flying … 🙂

Hold the important things close, and everything else lightly.

My thoughts and prayers are with my friends in New York, I was only there 15 months ago and it breaks my heart what is happening, and also with Italy, Spain, the UK and all of the other countries that are being ravaged by this virus.

My love, thoughts and prayers go out to all of the countries including my own that are affected right now. We will get through it, but we need to make sure we are there for each other through all of this. I have lost two people very close to me years ago, and I want to say make sure you pull people close who are dear to you, check in on people in your life, and make sure you say things you need to.

Go well, be safe and take care. Suz.