New Years wishes…

Hey guys, it is my habit and that of many others to reflect on the year that has been before entering the New Year. So I wanted to say I am grateful for the adventures of this year.

At the beginning of the year I was blessed to travel to New Zealand with my daughter, to the North and South Island. It was stunning and we experienced some beautiful pristine wilderness as well as some near misses with locals on blind corners and one way bridges haha…it was a wild and magnificent ride. One moment that was particularly beautiful was when we pulled over for a quick rest, and found this bubbling, soothing stream running over and through rocky ground surrounded by silent, glorious mountain ranges. That was simply magical and a moment I won’t forget. New Zealand is where my father is from and I was able to go to where he was raised in Auckland and I was able to see where the other half of my heritage came from. I felt like I had placed some pieces of my puzzle and connected parts of my Dad to myself. I can’t really explain it. I was also able to see a friend I haven’t seen in years, this was amazing. So, a beautiful trip to New Zealand started my New Year.

Throughout this year, I wrote, rewrote and edited my novel, Where the Sun Rises and I graduated from Master of Arts, Macquarie University in Sydney. Following the completion of my novel I applied for funding to attend the New York Pitch Conference in New York (of course) from Arts Queensland and the Sunshine Coast Council. I was fortunate enough to receive this funding and in September – October I went to New York and was able to travel with my friend Allison Quigley as well. This was a phenomenal experience that taught me so much. I had wanted to go back to New York for years as well. I had lived in America when I was young. I was able to pitch to four editors in New York and had an opportunity to submit my novel. Apart from this, I traveled around and experienced New York and visited Boston as well. I am very grateful for this trip, it was amazing.

Finally, I was able to pitch my novel to Australian publishers when I returned from New York. Two out of the three editors requested my novel, so now I am waiting to hear back from Harper Collins and Hachette. So, I am very grateful for this year and all of the adventures and opportunities that have come my way. I feel blessed and excited for the New Year. I am now writing another novel – but my novel Where the Sun Rises will be published in the New Year.

So, now after reflecting on my year that has been – I will write my goals for this year. Do this for yourself, write what you are grateful for this year and what has happened for you this year. Then, write down what you would like for the year to come, personal goals, or bigger goals. Write these down too. Then it is a great exercise to come back and see what has happened for you. 🙂

Have a lovely New Year’s Eve and HAPPY NEW YEAR for this one to come! I am excited for 2019 and I am looking forward to what will happen this year. All the best, to all of you! Suz 🙂

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