Workshop Reviews

Memoir Workshop:

Monica, Marketing Consultant

“I didn’t know what to expect when I went to the Memoir Writing Workshop. I wanted to gain some inspiration to start writing. The workshop was absolutely inspiring. There was the right mix of information and time to do some practice. The part I enjoyed the most was the parts where we talked about where to start and the practical details. I found it very engaging and I loved it. I would absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to embark on their writing project.”

Kathryn Idress, Teacher

“I liked how I found out how to get started on the memoir and the different techniques to include. The parts I received the most out of was; the good information, practical tips and practice of writing and getting feedback on our writing.

Suzanne was very helpful. I was reminded in the workshop of showing not telling and to use creative expressive writing, not just the facts. The workshop was very professionally done. I would do more workshops with Suzanne and would recommend them to others.”

Daniel Idress, PE Teacher

“I wanted to get an action plan for writing my life story. The workshop stimulated and challenged my thinking to be more creative. Suzanne was very engaging. I learnt how to start my memoir. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others. It was great.”

Suzanne, Retired Social Worker

“I took the course to start my book. I gained more inspiration and knowledge from the workshop and learned about structure. I liked the technical information and critiquing other books as well. I actually started the book too. I found the workshop very good and would definitely recommend it.”

Expressive Writing Therapy

Kylie, Teacher

Following being informed of writing therapy techniques and instructed how to conduct this and the power of this Kylie tried writing therapy, buying a notebook and doing the simple instructions given to her. She provided this feedback afterward:

“Well, I did all the writing. Filled up about half a book. I think it put it to bed as you said all that I could not let go of in relation to my family issues. When I refer to the issues now in conversation now it’s like they hold no weight. They are merely circumstances that happened.”

(Previously Kylie was suffering from anger towards people in her life that she could not release through talking it out or going over it.)

“Thanks so much for telling me about how to do writing therapy. I really appreciate you helping me. I have told lots of my friends about you and it and how you helped me.”

Sarah, child care worker and student. 

“I didn’t have a lot of expectations as I didn’t know too much about the process or what was involved. It helped me much more than I thought it would. I liked the reflection part at the end. I found it difficult to write some of the areas of the workshop so at the end when I was asked to forgive and reflect it gave me me that opportunity to look back and objectively assess where I’m at. I found it difficult at first, but in the end it was such a peaceful and releasing feeling and having tools to take away to help me in real life was really good. 

The writing therapy brought up things I had not thought about for a long time, and helped me deal with my anger towards my parents and forced me to deal with things I have been holding onto for most of my life. Being able to do some form of writing therapy at home really helps as well. Suzanne gave me some tools and the writing therapy forced me to check myself when feeling certain ways at home.

I would love to do more sessions. At the stage I am at in life it has brought up insecurities and knowing I have writing therapy to help eases that worry and stress.

I tell people about writing therapy whenever I can. I love the idea of writing things down as I struggle to speak out my emotions. It has been more successful than any other form of therapy I have done.” 

Charles Rolls, Y2K

“I had never done any form of therapy before and I was not very good at writing, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was interested in what writing therapy was and if it provided positive outcomes. I had no real idea of what it was going to be like, although it exceeded what I knew of therapy and was a good way to get out what I was feeling. I enjoyed the questions of growing up and making you think what parts of your life could possibly trigger other parts, it was all there in front of you on paper.

It made me aware of my sub conscious thoughts and I realised why I was feeling this way. I felt really released, relaxed and grounded after the therapy. I would highly recommend Write for Life to anyone. It’s a less confronting form of therapy that allows people to see their subconscious thoughts and issues on paper, right before their eyes and to be free from them.”

Carl, Insurance.

“When I first thought of doing writing therapy my initial thoughts were; “It’s all in the past, do I really want to re-address these emotions and issues I feel I have already conquered?” This was, to some degree true, however after doing the workshop I realised how many past experiences I had suppressed into my unconscious. These unconscious thoughts were past memories, emotions, experiences, traumas and mistakes I had made and since pushed aside, but were still very much plaguing me through guilt and confusion.

Writing therapy helped me realise that these things need to be re-recognised and resolved rather than run away from-even when it was somewhat disturbing when they resurfaced. The experience was difficult, uncomfortable and frustrating, however the end result was liberating and refreshing. I want to do more writing therapy now, so I can focus on the issues I rediscovered and now realise I need release from.”

Karry, Art Teacher.

“It was an experience I will never forget.”

Beverly, Chaplain.

“I got a lot out of this. I think it is a process that can shift things. That is help people to become unstuck. From this workshop I have gained a tool for me to use, and possibly a tool for me to use in the future with clients. Thank you.”

Jennie, Medical Software Trainer.

“A really worthwhile workshop, well thought out and a relaxed environment. A good introduction and very valuable to have notes on writing therapy to take home. I enjoyed it. Thank you. “


“I would recommend Suzanne’s writing therapy workshop. When I booked it  I thought it would be a creative process but it turned out to be much more. It helped me release some experiences that I thought I had long forgotten. Overall, it was a very positive workshop with long lasting results.”

Annette, Retired.

“The workshops are a unique way of looking deep into yourself and the very act of writing and sharing, releases tensions long buried.  After attending the writing workshops I was really impressed by the people that participated and shared. I was touched by the emotions and thoughts that were shared. I would definitely recommend the workshops to anyone. It could make a great change in your life. It was an amazing experience and one that should not be missed.”


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