Freedom Writing

If you prefer a print version of Freedom Writing as well, it is available on

My Freedom Writing Handbook introduces: my experience with writing therapy, what is writing therapy, the benefits of this form of therapy for everyone physically, mentally and emotionally and how writing therapy can be seen in movies, books and life.

Towards the end of the book there are writing therapy exercises in poetry, prose and non-fiction techniques I have written. If you explore these methods you will have something for the rest of your life you can use to deal with stress or trauma and you can be free forever, by taking your inner health into your own hands!

Writing Therapy helps everyone whether you are good at writing or not, it is not about writing or grammar or structure, it is about healing yourself of pain. Writing therapy has been shown to help men the most, but heals all people, young and old, from all backgrounds and in all situations, please check out my book on Amazon, you can read a preview on there and/or buy it in print or e-book format.

I look forward to hearing from you, and also I am excited to be able to release this book so it can help more people! So many people are in pain or hiding their feelings, anxiety or depression and I am excited to be able to give people a way out of this! 🙂