Expectant New Year! 2020

Hey guys,

It’s this time again – when we all seek to celebrate the advent of a New Year. I love this time of year and I seek to reflect on what went before this and then be expectant for the year to come. Or in the very least focused again. 🙂

This year, of course had many challenges within it, but also many adventures. I am excited that my book Where the Sun Rises was launched this year, I travelled to Singapore to see my friend get married and I was part of an Indigenous program in schools which opened up new avenues to help Indigenous youth. I met amazing people this year, and there were also areas of pain as well, as in everything there is darkness and light. In life, and in any writing, life is full of difficulties but also a lot of wonder and awe, and peace.

I am looking forward with expectation for the New Year. I will be teaching part time at university again, working in the Indigenous program and I have started writing my second novel. This second novel is already a lot easier, in the sense that it is closer to my life. It is about one of my characters in my first novel. It will be set in Sydney, Syria and the Sunshine Coast, which I have never done before. It will be so interesting. 🙂 I am also writing from a different point of view, to the first novel, which is still being decided at the moment. 🙂

I am excited to explore this narrative about Sarah Johns, who is from my first book, Where the Sun Rises. In 2020, I am expectant that there will be many adventures, obstacles, fun, excitement, as well as joy and happiness.

For all of my friends, loved ones, family and people I know, I wish you a beautiful celebration tonight and a challenging, exciting and awe inspiring New Year. 🙂 Kind regards, Suz

Courage…in 2020!

Hi guys,

Yesterday, I was reflecting on the journey of writing my novel I released in October, 2019. The central idea I had for this novel four years ago was to explore the idea of courage, and to reject the notion that it is purely a male characteristic. I have pondered this for a long time how women in my life have showed so much courage and some men have not showed the same courage. A few friends have told of stories when they faced a partner that was violent and how they were not scared at all of them.

A juvenile example of this is when I was a young kid I loved going on those little rides, like the cars in the shopping centres, but my brother only wanted to sit on them and was too scared for them to actually go. When I was a three year old, I walked off into the Australian bush to go explore and find a dam that was on our vast outback property and my brother said he couldn’t go with me. I had two dogs with me and I reached the dam and then realised I was very lost. Consequently, my family had to come and find me, miraculously they did find me and I was okay. I am not sure if this is courage or just a desire for adventure and not knowing what I was doing. (haha). But still…

Also, I have heard many stories from my friends who were fearless towards men fighting etc and stepped into situations like this. After I experienced domestic violence once, since that I have found myself in a couple of situations where I have stepped in between two men fighting or a man victimising a woman. I will always go towards helping in these situations as I remember that feeling that there was no one to help.

So, the notion of courage I always felt had been mosty unrecognised in women. However, in 2015 I became enthralled by the extreme courage shown by the Kurdish women fighting Daesh in Syria.

For more than three years, I have lived and breathed this novel and been with these women. They inspired me to walk in courage, and every time I felt afraid of something I thought of what they sacrificed and what perils they faced. Then I was able to do somethings and overcome.

These women still live with me and will always be with me. The women in my novel are based on a lot of research I conducted, but they are fictional. I created their back stories, personality and characters. These characters will always be with me throughout out my life. In Where the Sun Rises I sought to reflect the courage I saw in these phenomenal Kurdish women, but also that I see around me in my female friends and I hope to reflect myself.

I think that coming to the end of 2019, I am reflecting on the year that was, and also how thinking about these women spurred me into many things this year. I wish to continue to take this inspiration from these women – and it is for men as well, into 2020. I am so keen for a New Year, this year had many challenges, but was also glorious as well.

Let’s move in to the New Year with Courage! Bring it on! Thanks for reading! Suz 🙂

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