Merry Christmas and Peace to everyone…

Hello there,

It is Christmas Eve now and I am remembering when I was in Bethlehem in 2016. What a phenomenal place, the place Jesus was born, such a special place. It is a Palestinian territory, and has this gorgeous site it is believed to be the stable where Jesus was born.  The actual stable you go down some stairs into this dark room underneath a cathedral (built centuries later of course) but the room is not elaborately adorned with shrines or anything, this is what I loved about it. It was peaceful and beautiful, as we entered I heard a baby crying kind of strange hey? Anyway, was lovely.

The town of Bethlehem had a special feeling about it for me. I am a Christian, so visiting here was significant.

But at this time when we celebrate Christmas, I hope that you all have a lovely peaceful time with your family and friends enjoying each other’s company. 🙂

Peace on earth and good will to all women, men and children!

Merry Christmas!


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