No. 3 on the Red List, Coverfly…

Hey guys,

I was excited to see that my book had reached number 3 on Action Manuscript of the month and is Number 4 – Action Manuscript of the year.

This is on coverfly which is a database for screenwriters to host their screenplays or manuscripts.

“Our goal is to become the most efficient way for writers to be discovered by the entertainment industry, and the most trusted guide for emerging writers to achieve their goals…In addition to hosting your projects for free, Coverfly uses your project’s reviews from submissions to top-tier festivals, competitions, fellowships and coverage services to provide a measure of our confidence that an Industry professional would be interested in your screenplay.”

So, it is nice to have this opportunity to have my book up on this site. 🙂 My place has been earned by being the semi-finalist for the Cinematic Book Contest with Screencraft that I was informed of a few weeks ago.

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you’re curious about my book Where the Sun Rises it is available everywhere online in print and ebook. I will include an amazon link, but you can get it in print on Book Depository all around the world.

Have a great day! Kind regards, Suz

My book semi-finalist… Screencraft Cinematic Book Contest

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some exciting news about my book Where the Sun Rises. I submitted it to the Screencraft Cinematic Book Contest late last year and I have made the semi-finalist list. 🙂

I am very excited. 🙂 Thanks for your support and for reading. 🙂

Kind regards, Suz

This is the email I received this morning:

We’re excited to announce the Semifinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition!
 Selected from over 1,200 submissions, we are pleased to present the semifinalists for the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition. We’re excited to be exploring these excellent books and to have received a slate of so many compelling works.

This year’s jury is comprised of literary agents from The Gersh Agency, United Talent Agency, and 3 Arts Entertainment.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the finalists and winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

Take a minute to congratulate these talented writers on TwitterInstagramand Facebook.
 See The Semifinalists Here
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