New Freedom Writing Design!

Hey guys, I just wanted to show you the new design for Freedom Writing. 🙂 I am loving the new design and I am very happy with what the designer did. Thanks to Victoria from VC Book Design. 🙂 Suzanne Here's a link if you want to check it out.  

Freedom Writing- No. 1 in Amazon Best Sellers List, Free Downloads: Still free till June 23!

Hey guys, My book Freedom Writing is free for three days (June 21-23). Feel free to check it out, and I would really appreciate a review it's very easy to do. 🙂 Visit your own country's Amazon site and you can download it there! Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day. An update! Freedom Writing... Continue Reading →

Expressive Writing Therapy Workshop

Hello everyone, Next weekend I am running an Expressive Writing workshop, it is about writing therapy that provides phenomenal release for people from pain or stress. This workshop will be fun, caring, supportive and enlightening. Come and join our group. Contact me to book in. 🙂 Kind regards, Suzanne Date: Saturday April 14 Time: 10-11:30am... Continue Reading →

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