Remember little things matter!

Feel so inspired by the people I’m meeting in the work I’m doing. Principals fighting racism and teen suicide on the front line, implementing ideas and creativity to break down barriers, and indigenous elders spending their time focusing on others and counselling people in desperate need. I feel blessed to be working with these people. I love working with social workers when you go to meetings or events with them they always asking how you’re going, but they really mean it! Haha 😄

Sometimes the issues of the world seem overwhelming and like you can’t make an impact and then you see these people who are doing things, creative things, inspiring things, setting up open and safe spaces for kids – educating and caring. They are a beacon of light over the immense dark waters of life. We need to keep doing things even if we feel they are small, in fact they’re not insignificant, sometimes they could be the one thing that saved someone’s life.

Feeling a bit poetic too, this morning. 😉

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