Hold everything lightly…

Hi everyone,

The sky was so delicate and soft that night I took the pics and this person was flying … 🙂

Hold the important things close, and everything else lightly.

My thoughts and prayers are with my friends in New York, I was only there 15 months ago and it breaks my heart what is happening, and also with Italy, Spain, the UK and all of the other countries that are being ravaged by this virus.

My love, thoughts and prayers go out to all of the countries including my own that are affected right now. We will get through it, but we need to make sure we are there for each other through all of this. I have lost two people very close to me years ago, and I want to say make sure you pull people close who are dear to you, check in on people in your life, and make sure you say things you need to.

Go well, be safe and take care. Suz.

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