Master of Arts! Completed!

cropped-threegliders-2.jpgHello everyone,

The last three or four years I have been completing my Master of Arts in Creative Writing. I have learnt a lot in this time. I am a single parent so it has been challenging at times, working, teaching, writing and studying and being a parent. But it has been amazing. In the past year I have written my novella about the war in Syria. It is still being developed, and I am adding some more chapters at the moment.

I am very excited to say that after three years of intense study, full time work, and being a single parent to two beautiful kids – I have now have achieved my Masters! It is a good feeling  I am very thankful for everyone who helped me along the way. x


Hello again,

I have now resumed my Masters study again, and I am enjoying the study of poetry. It is challenging and interesting all at the same time. I feel this study will enhance my methods for writing therapy as well as I am enjoying broadening my horizons in the writing arena.

Poetry holds both music and visual qualities, it is sonic and it is a visual medium as well. It is the oldest form of writing we have. Even within the Bible there was a poem recorded right back in Genesis, and our oldest forms of narrative and philosophy were presented to us orally in poetry as in Homer in the Odyssey and many other ancient poets.

I really love a Roman poet called Ovid, his poetry (I studied at university) has an almost modern, contemporary style with his bawdy humour and irreverent discussion of interactions between men and women. He is hilarious in his poetry, but he was also a serious writer who wrote The Metamorphosis. He lived from 43 Bc to 17 AD.

“But Ovid’s chief appeal stems from the humanity of his writing: its gaiety, its sympathy, its exuberance, its pictorial and sensuous quality. It is these things that have recommended him, down the ages, to the troubadours and the poets of courtly love, to Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, J.W. von Goethe, and Ezra Pound.”

(Encyclopaedia Britannica). 

He was a contemporary of Virgil and Horace, they were older than he.

Of course I love many other poets and who can go past Shakespeare’s sonnets. I am enjoying new poetry for example American poet Frank O’Hara writing in the 1960’s.

I am still working on my book about Writing Therapy, and I am writing some short stories for a collection and mulling over this idea I have for a novella. I will write more about these projects later. 🙂 Thanks for reading. 🙂

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