Can you see your own beauty? Embrace your uniqueness…

My daughter showed me this clip when she was researching an assignment. I know it is produced by Dove, however it brought me to tears. It highlights to me our criticism of ourselves and our generosity to others in recognising their beauty. Embrace yours, you were created unique, forget, ignore, reject the obsession with perfection we see in the media, including social media, using technology to erase our humanity. Our humanity is seen in our imperfections, in the blemishes and in the variations of colour of hair and eyes and skin.

Embrace your beauty. You are beautiful, no matter your dress size, the lines on your face-speak of life and experience, your skin is you. You are more than your body parts, there is no one like you to those around you. Others see you shining through, but do you?

I just want to say to anyone watching this, whether female or male, you are beautiful and unique.

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