Writing…a real experience

Hey everyone,

For the first time since someone very close to me died in 2010, I have written a prose version of his death to be included in the new writing I am doing. After writing my first novel which includes nothing of myself in it, except possibly the common experiences of being a mother and little nuances of this–I did not include much about myself at all in that novel. I loved that and that it wasn’t part of my life.

Every part of the first novel was so far from my life. This second novel is also not my life but there may be a few elements of my own life that I will include. They always say “write what you know”, I don’t think this is a hard and fast rule. I think write what you don’t know – just as much as what you know. But for this novel I have just finished writing a scene about the death of someone close to me that will go into my second novel. It is good writing therapy to get this out and onto paper as it happened. I left out some detail, and I am sure I will develop it further. It was highly emotional, and brought up the devastation I felt. But I know once this has settled I will feel released.

I just wanted to share this with my readers, that this is a full on experience. One that I was afraid of confronting recently, as it would make me live those emotions again, but I am glad I did it. I cried and I wrote and I remembered. But it is okay. This is how writing therapy works, it will be okay. It is much better to confront these emotions when you are ready than putting it off and thinking it will go away.

This scene and plot will be integrated into the second novel – and many other elements will have nothing to do with my life. I am enjoying this process of exploring different methods of writing, including the fact of writing a chapter that is a lot later in the book.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that if you have something from your life that you want to experience release from, write it out honestly and not for an audience and you will experience freedom. I am also just fascinated by writing this novel completely differently to my first novel.

Thanks for reading! Go well! 🙂

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