Creative people need to create!

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to do a short post talking about how it is when you are a creative person. We need to create. I was aware of this, this week. If I felt frustrated with certain things I sat down this week and continued with my novel I am writing.

When I step into the world of writing and creating this world for the reader, my frustration disappears and I am elevated. I think people with any kind of obsession or passion would say that when they do it, they feel free. It would be the same with a sportsperson or a musician when they play their instrument. This was how I felt as I was creating more chapters for my novel.


Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book Big Magic, if I am not creating, I am destroying something in my life (paraphrased). 🙂 This is quite true. A creative person needs to create, so I wanted to encourage readers of this blog who write or do other creative pursuits, find some time for this, this week. You will not regret it. I bet you have twenty minutes when you can do it! 🙂

I am also providing my short story and poetry collection for free from tomorrow (Sunday 11 March) for two days. If you download it, it would be so great to receive your reviews! Thanks so much again. Go well! Suzanne 🙂

This is my Creative Collection of Short Stories and Poems. 🙂


New writing passion :)

Hello there,

I have been recently excited that a complete story idea came to me the other day. This is exciting because my life being a single parent and teaching at university – is time and energy consuming and sometimes the creative impulses seem to be elusive. However, the other day a story came to me and even an idea for a novella. This causes me to feel re-energised and to feel my purpose and almost like a connection to who I am again, like an internal sighing. I am not sure if that makes sense 😉

I am writing a non fiction book about writing therapy, that I will talk about on here when it is finished, but I feel exhilarated that my creativity is flowing now and as I change my teaching schedule I believe this will improve my creative life.

My friend who is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Queensland told me once that he kind of resented teaching sometimes because it took him away from his love, which was to write. I can understand this, as teaching is fairly creative and our creative impulses become directed towards teaching and analysing and marking essays. 🙂

I am happy to say that I am now entering my creative phase again, (not just because I will be studying poetry soon but that will be fabulous) and I am also looking forward to writing not for an assessment but to explore an idea I have recently been captivated by. I plan to explore this idea from many of the characters’ points of view.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Maybe sometime I will post up a video.
Kind regards to you and have a beautiful day.

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