Personal experience with writing therapy…


Here is another person’s experience after doing a writing therapy workshop with Write For Life. 😀

“I didn’t have a lot of expectations as I didn’t know too much about the process or what was involved. It helped me much more than I thought it would. I liked the reflection part at the end. I found it difficult to write some of the areas of the workshop so at the end when I was asked to forgive and reflect it gave me me that opportunity to look back and objectively assess where I’m at. I found it difficult at first, but in the end it was such a peaceful and releasing feeling and having tools to take away to help me in real life was really good. 

The writing therapy brought up things I had not thought about for a long time, and helped me deal with my anger towards my parents and forced me to deal with things I have been holding onto for most of my life. Being able to do some form of writing therapy at home really helps as well. Suzanne gave me some tools and the writing therapy forced me to check myself when feeling certain ways at home.

I would love to do more sessions. At the stage I am at in life it has brought up insecurities and knowing I have writing therapy to help eases that worry and stress.

I tell people about writing therapy whenever I can. I love the idea of writing things down as I struggle to speak out my emotions. It has been more successful than any other form of therapy I have done.” 

Sarah, child care worker and student. 

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