From An-other Land Book Review!

Hey guys,

My friend Tanushrie Ghosh has written this insightful, and compassionate short story collection about the immigrant experience to the USA. I have included my review below. Check it out on amazon or at other outlets. 🙂

Happy reading, have a great day!

This short story collection is a touching, poignant portrayal of the reasons and experiences of people immigrating to the USA. The stories are profoundly deep and personal and they allow an insight into the emotions, conflict and obstacles that occur when immigrating to another land. Particularly, relevant these days with much unfounded hatred of the “other”, Ghosh provides an internal exploration of the courage and strength of these characters who choose to push through many challenges. The characters as in life, choose different paths but all of their lives show us an insight into another’s existence which is highly valuable. Hope is present in all the narratives and there is an ambiguity where the reader can surmise what may happen next to the characters. Ghosh writes beautifully with insightful and incisive imagery.

I enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to others. An excellent book. 😊

My book free only for a few days!

Hey everyone,

My book, A Creative Collection of Short Stories is free only for two more days, (finishes  February 6). It is a collection of eclectic stories with humour, love, loss, grief and grace.

Download your free copy.  I would love to receive your reviews. Thanks so much for reading. It is available in your country, just search on your amazon site, under my name or the title.

Have a beautiful day. Suzanne 😀



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