National Conference Talk…Suicide Prevention Australia

Hey guys, last week I was asked to represent my organisation that I am working for at the National Suicide Prevention Conference. I work within an Indigenous school program that is seeking to reconnect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths to culture and also to talk about mental health. It was an amazing conference – where I learnt many things from the other participants and speakers, there was a variety of organisations represented.

A wonderful time of talking to each other about how we can work together in our common cause of reducing suicide rates in Australia.

I met some beautiful people, especially Francesca a psychologist from Italy and Billy Jo, and Aboriginal Program Coordinator from the Northern Territory.

I thought I would just share this as it was significant for me. Though my next blog will go back to being about writing. 🙂 I am editing, writing elements of my novel at the moment.

Kind regards, Suz

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