Expressive Writing Course I have been doing…

Hello, I haven’t written a blog for a while, but so much has been happening. I want to write some reflections on this course I have been doing over the past two months. To write about the things I have been learning in my life, the new techniques and elements I am taking away from this course as well as new ways to explore writing therapy, and my old ways seen in a new light. I feel so enriched by learning these new techniques and reading many more authors ideas and study about writing for well being as well as research that has revealed things about this. It is an exciting world exploring the way writing can free people from trauma, particularly an article that I was fascinated with about helping young people with this. I will share more about this, but this quote was amazing that I read yesterday.

“people who have led difficult lives have important things to say”

This statenent is what they tell the teens in the Pongo program in the USA which brings poetry therapy to teens in juvenile detention centres, psychiatric wards and many other places. I have always believed this, but it was so good to read this in this way. These teens have been through so much and have absorbed shame whether that is from care givers or the world at large or themselves. But this affirms them. I have also been through a lot in my life and it is such a beautiful statement, as people who have been through a lot, have a knowledge of life that othes may not have had. They have been through things and come out the other end and been stronger and learnt to thrive through this. They have seen things in people that were grotesque and ugly, but they have been able to survive and still love despite this, though it is very difficult.

This statement I think would make a huge difference to teens and anyone marginalised by where they find themsleves, they have “important things to say” and indeed they do. I have always wanted to give a voice to the voiceless and this all feeds into this. But I will share more later. I am simply saying I am about to complete a writing therapy course with the Write Well Community. It has been amazing to interact, learn from and get to know the students from all around the world who are on this course as well. 🙂 I feel so grateful and blessed to have found this community. 🙂 The tutors were amazing and they are experts in the world of writing and poetry therapy. 🙂

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