Where the Sun Rises

“The writing is vivid and believable with colorful descriptions of family life in Kobani and the sounds and scents of Kurdish life which makes the destruction wreaked by the war even more devastating. The author provides compelling insights into the various complex emotions experienced by these women who reach their decisions to join up for a range of reasons, but are united in friendship and affection until the end.”

Malve Von Hassell, Amazon USA

Chapter 1 – Where the Sun Rises…

A large mass of red, yellow and black, mixed with white sparks fired up into the sky, on a hill in the distance. Karin stopped, her limbs frozen, she glanced over at her brother, Mani. Another explosion slammed the earth right next to it. Tanks small but perceptible could be seen moving around like strange beetles on the hillside. Tiny figures were moving, and running here and there. Buildings were being blown up, apartment blocks were slammed with mortar fire. People could be seen fleeing from the chaos. Karin saw armed men chasing them. The black flag of Daesh could be seen flapping on the flag pole of one of the tanks. A little further off more massive explosions of white soil and concrete formed clouds on the horizon, flying high into the sky. Karin felt physically sick with a burning rage, that Daesh would come and seek to conquer them, as so many other peoples had done before.

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