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Monica, a Social Worker, recently attended my Expressive Writing Therapy Workshop and this was her written response.

“I attended the workshop as a personal and professional development opportunity.  I already knew of and experienced the therapeutic benefit of writing, however I wanted to learn more about how this works- particularly the benefit of writing as a way of working through previous trauma.

The workshop was excellent.  As I had attended a previous workshop with Suzanne, I knew of the quality of workshop she facilitates and this workshop did not disappoint. 

I got the most out of the part where we were encouraged to write about something negative or traumatic.  I found that the exercise was confronting, yet liberating.  I could feel the tension in my body as I wrote the words on paper but as the story unfolded on the page and came to an end, that tension dissipated and I felt at ease.  This was a very powerful experience.

Probably the most challenging part of the workshop, for me, was the task of writing a poem.  Because I am so used to writing in far less creative ways, I found myself struggling to even contemplate what to write.  I went ahead and did it anyway and actually surprised myself about how lovely it was to use words in this way.

Time seems to go by very quickly when you are immersed in these types of exercises.  I would love it to have gone for a few hours longer. I did feel a release of tension having tackled one of my current issues in one of the exercises.  Overall, I left the workshop feeling inspired to continue using these exercises frequently to help process and manage my challenges.

The writing I did in the β€˜life story’ exercise gave me the opportunity to step out of my current life circumstances and instead almost take a bird’s eye view of my life so far.  That did bring up areas that I had not thought about for ages and it allowed me to put into perspective some of the things that are happening now.  That experience allowed me to recognise that I have gotten through many difficult situations in my life and anything I am experiencing currently will be resolved and overcome- just like past challenges have been.

I felt very positive after the workshop.Β  It is a powerful way of releasing built up stress.Β  It was also lovely to share the experience with the other participants.”

If you’re interested in my writing therapy exercises, my book Freedom Writing goes into detail about this;

Expressive Writing therapy workshop

This weekend I am doing a writing therapy workshop in my area. I will be taking participants through how we can use writing therapy to get through a lot of stresses in our lives. Using simple techniques we can overcome stressful experiences as well as memories that may have entangled us for years. πŸ™‚

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019.

Time: 9:30-11:00am

Price: $50

Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Contact me if you would like further details or to book in. πŸ™‚

How is writing therapy intertwined in memoir writing?

Writing Therapy and Memoir Writing: how do they intersect?

Some of you may be familiar with the term writing therapy, and others may not. It has been discussed in the public sphere more widely now, which is excellent. I stumbled upon the power of writing therapy after going through a traumatic event. I will explain this more in my presentation. But let me say that it’s a powerful tool that can allow you to be free from emotions towards events in your life.

Writing therapy is used in conjunction with your normal counsellor/psychologist who can guide you through the process of unlocking deep emotions and experiencing freedom from these. Memoir writing brings out the kaleidoscope of events in our lives, some of these were painful and others triumphant and positive.

Writing therapy has been studied for more than 30 years by psychologists all around the world, but firstly by Dr Pennebaker in the US. He studied the effects of writing honestly every day about painful events and found the participants experienced significant physical, emotional and mental benefits.

On the Greenleaf Memoir Writing Weekend I’ll talk further about these forms of writing, techniques for accessing memory and how we can heal from our past as we write.

Come along, if you live in Australia, I look forward to meeting you there. πŸ™‚

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