More workshops coming up in the New Year!


As new year approaches everyone gets excited. Newness, fresh starts, crisp clean pieces of white paper with no blots or blemishes on them yet, makes us feel anticipation, hope and exuberance. There will be more Writing Therapy Workshops this year, as well as some Creative Writing Short Story and Memoir Workshops. Writing Therapy can help you to embrace the new year, rid yourself of issues, problems, emotions or memories that have kept you bound for years, months or even weeks. You can then go forward, feeling more positive emotions than the ones you will leave behind and be able to more fully step into or take up the mantle of the things you wish to do, be, see, experience in this year to come.

Be free from these old patterns and any stress that has bound you and kept you from letting go of things in the past and being able to be truly present in the now, fully accepting all of the joys of life that are now yours to be savoured.

Feel free to email me about any of these workshops, or comment and I look forward to more interaction in the New Year. Happy New Year. : )

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