These People Slept On The Streets For Fun

This was what I participated in recently. The St Vinnies Community Sleepout, for me it was profound, moving and fun. Thanks to all my friends I could share it with. Special mention to the Global Happiness Project, that I am part of. 🙂


“He spoke quietly not looking into the crowd, but so brave to tell us his experiences and story”

The night began as any other Sunshine Coast June winter night: frost, dew and complaints about the severe drop in temperature. This night however, was different. We (The Global Happiness Project) were huddled together, laughing, smiling and playing UNO, whilst sleeping on cardboard boxes at Maroochydore beach. Our team of 14 volunteers tackled the overnight challenge known as “The 2014 Vinnie’s Community Sleepout.”

The Global Happiness Project Crew The Global Happiness Project Crew

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