So this is Christmas… : )

So I’m waiting in the woolies queue wondering where Christmas was this year, and this lady in front says she’ll pay for this dear old man’s groceries…he was confused and she paid and she was emotional and so was I! Kindness… Such a rare occurrence to see… He had had a fall and his wife had gone to a nursing home that morning… To really “see” someone else, to feel their pain and show kindness! Wow! The cashier was emotional as well – what a woman this lady was! It was just a simple act to show him someone cared.

I had to find her afterwards in another shop and I said God bless you, you made his Christmas and mine! She was emotional…saying she couldn’t do much for him but that one act of kindness, that was all she could see to do for him! Wow! That’s Christmas!

You start to think human beings are capable of so much evil towards each other, this touched me – when I see a person really “seeing” and caring for a beautiful old man who was bewildered at first and tried to pay and then just thanked her so much.

2 Replies to “So this is Christmas… : )”

  1. Hi Suzanne – nice story and great that you were there to witness it. I’m sure it inspired kind act from you in the hours and days that followed. Thank you for your kind act of following my blog. Best of everything in 2015!


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