How people walk… :)

Hey guys,

Lately, I have been watching people walking…sounds weird hey? Not because I am a strange character haha…but because I was interested in how differently each of us walk, hold our bodies, how we crane our necks, do we look down, do we lead with our hips or do we drag our feet? How are our shoulders?

All of these details makeup our overall presence, the experience other people have with us, our aura. Most of us are not conscious of these details. We take it all in but don’t stop to look at it. Only strange writers notice these things. (haha). It is these beautiful minute elements of who we are that we need to put into our fiction. I wanted to work out how to recreate this on the page.

Those of you who are writers will know what I mean. 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys. If you are a writer try to describe a character based on how they walk and hold themselves? Do they slouch? Or stand up straight? It is an excellent exercise and will make your characters come alive for your readers.

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