First person and third person…

Hey guys,

Today, I resumed writing my second novel, (technically my third) and I had started writing it in third person. My novel Where the Sun Rises is in third person as I felt that was a more respectful and objective point of view for that novel. Now, I am experimenting with my next novel and going back to first person that I had previously written a lot of work in, years ago.

Tonight, I began to rewrite the beginning of my second novel in first person and I actually love it. You can get the voice of the character so quickly. You can delve into their universe in a deeper way, and easier in a way. Whether it works or not someone else can decide but I enjoyed writing in first person. Yes! It’s great to get back to creating – I love it. My novel Where the Sun Rises is going well too.

Anyway, have a fab day! Go well. Suz

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