9 Things to do, to get through…

Nine things we can do to get through this:

1. Focus on your spiritual life and practice. I meditate every morning – and pray. Whatever your spirituality is focus on this when you wake up. Take some quiet time.

2. Take your vitamins and try not to overeat – it’s hard, but only treat yourself every now and then during the day. Drink lots of fluid. These are things I’m struggling with haha, this is why I am saying this. None of us is perfect! So if you are overeating, don’t beat yourself up about it! Life will be more normal at some point in the future, so don’t worry too much.

3. Create something, draw, write a poem, or garden, do a project around the house. I have been drawing and I plan to write some poetry as well. Get creative in whatever way you like to, whether it is art, knitting, gardening, craft, or building furniture whatever your thing is. Be creative it really takes us out of ourselves and our current situation.

4. Write down your emotions: be completely honest, write your deep emotions and what is happening and you will feel a release of these emotions. It has been proven by psychology and also I have seen it work, in my book Freedom Writing I give people some tips on how writing therapy can help you release negative emotions. (Freedom Writing available on amazon and many other outlets.)

5. Rest. Try to get rest. I’m finding I’m more tired now. Get some exercise and rest. Be active, go for a walk if it is allowed. Dance around your house if you have room, listen to music you love. Keep yourself uplifted by moving and enjoying the art you love.

6. Make sure you check in and communicate with your family and friends, don’t be completely isolated. We all need human contact so don’t isolate yourself too much.

7. Be kind to yourself. Make sure you are safe and looking after yourself. Read your favourite book, watch your favourite TV show or movie. Allow yourself to have fun and laugh. 

8. Turn off the news – I only watch it twice a day now. At first I watched everything as I am a journalist and wanted to know every detail. Then I was dizzy a few days in a row, and felt weak. I was sick. But I also think that the stress wasn’t good for me. I have started to only check in with it twice a day.

9. Watch cute animal videos or comedy, or nature documentaries these all are very relaxing and soothing. Documentaries have been soothing for me in this time. Also write a list of the things you have to do and then tick it off as you get things done. Be specific as well, as this will make you feel good and you can see yourself achieving these small things. You know you have had a good day. 🙂

Go well, stay safe and just hang on. If we all do the above we can come out the other side better people and having learnt things about ourselves, having maybe discovered our spiritual lives more and become deeper individuals knowing what is important and what is not.

Suz 🙂

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