Female soldiers from Kobane featured in book…


Hey guys,

I was on Facebook this morning and on my feed there was an item about this new book about the women who fought ISIS in Kobane. I am glad these women are getting more attention now, and with Hilary Cli nton’s new show about strong women featuring them as well. My book Where the Sun Rises was inspired by these women and I started writing and researching in 2015 and finished it in 2018/19. Where the sun Rises was published in 2019 and is about two best friends and how they have to sacrifice different things in their lives, to fight for each other as well as to defend their land and also for women’s rights. My book though it is a novel is based on real women I researched over 3 years. If you are interested to check out a novel that delves into themes of friendship, courage, loyalty and the fight for rights, and what lengths people will go to, in defence of their friends, then Where the Sun Rises would suit you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe. 🙂 Suzanne

(My book is available on amazon and many other outlets as well).

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