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Freedom Writing for free, limited time…

Hello everyone,

My book Freedom Writing is available for free download from September 13-17. If you have been curious about writing therapy and wanted to try some exercises or learn about it, this is the perfect time.

Feel free to download it and try it out. I know you won’t regret utilising writing therapy, it has freed many people around the world. Go well. Suzanne 😀

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Reader’s comments about Freedom Writing


I thought I would post a couple of reader emails I received. I may share them from time to time. I was so happy to receive this feedback. Thanks for reading.


Kylie, Mother and Florist:

“I started reading your book last night. You are amazing! Very enlightening, I used to use this technique when I couldn’t sleep. Helps to unscramble your mind. I am looking forwards to the rest of the book.”

Amanda, University Student:

“This book is amazing, I am up to page 20 already but had to get off the train, it is such a blessing, this book.

It’s amazing, you have done such a beautiful job. I want to purchase some more as it would make such a lovely gift. I would like to order six.  It’s such an easy book to read, flows really well and is easy to understand.”

“I’m so excited. Thank you for sharing this tool and I would love to come to a workshop.”

“I read the rest of your book… it’s amazing and I cannot wait to start the exercises tonight. It made me cry as I was starting to think of things that I have been masking for a long time. I didn’t realise it was consuming so much as it just became second nature. I just read 20 more pages and I can’t wait to get to the exercises.”

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Reviews of Freedom Writing

Freedom Writing: Be Free Through Writing Therapy: 

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a book that I would share with people that I care about. I highly recommend it!

Every now and then, I feel this compulsion in my heart to share my experiences, from little stories about my favourite books or movies to something a bit deeper like my beliefs and spiritual journey. After spending some time to put my thoughts together about whatever was on my mind and after I had written about it; whether I shared it or not, I felt a release from that heavy feeling in my chest.

Through this book, I realized that it was part of the process of releasing my emotional burden which often held me back from moving on to other important tasks.

The author says in the book that writing therapy is not just for people who enjoy writing, but for anybody who has something to let go from their heart. While writing about our sources of anger, anxiety and other emotional burdens we carry on daily basis, the healing process is on!

By Jade on 18 March 2017
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Freedom Writing by Suzanne Strong. I experience a fair amount of stress in my life and have done for many years. I am so pleased to have discovered this book and have now began to implement the techniques into my life. I am excited as to how it will help me now and hopefully even more so into the future as I look back on my past and remember certain events that perhaps I don’t feel ready to discuss with others but might see it as beneficial to feel like I am sharing these with others. I highly recommend this book for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and any other mental illness as well as for those who are looking for a way to get in touch with their inner thoughts and emotions.

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I thought I had nothing to free myself from when I was recommended to this book. I’ve realized everyone has damage from ghosts of their past. I thought inner strength came from picking up those ghosts, shoving them in your back pocket and moving forwards. I never thought to ever look at them again or even evict the burdon of them. You can be sooo much stronger and happier with a lighter load. So glad I found this book, worth 1000 times the amount , well done and thankyou to the author.

Format: Kindle Edition

What a fantastic book! Suzanne has provided a range of tools for readers to use to work through a range of issues from PTSD to sexual abuse, as well as anxiety and depression. Even if you’re not a writer, this book provides excellent tutorials and activities on how to access issues that are effecting your quality of life, and ultimately how to overcome them, all through the power of words. “Remember this writing is for you and only you. Its purpose is for you to be completely honest with yourself.” p11

Writing therapy, what it is and how it benefits men…

Recently, I discovered research that showed that men benefit the most from writing therapy. I have always suspected this would be the case, as men are possibly more reluctant to share their feelings and may even feel ashamed as they feel they should be strong. In some cases, they are not aware of their emotions until it’s too late. Or they feel they cannot tell anyone.

Writing therapy allows men to write down these emotions with privacy, providing complete relief and they do not have to share it with anyone. That is the beauty of writing therapy. You are writing only for yourself, not for an audience.

Tragically, I recently learnt of the death of a young, bright and beautiful student I used to teach at University. Suicide affects men three times more than women. This has shown me the importance of trying to get more men to do writing therapy, I know it can help them. I want everyone to experience the freedom I have through writing therapy, but these findings with men do not surprise me.

I have written Freedom Writing to introduce writing therapy to everyone. I want to show everyone and particularly men they can use writing therapy to get rid of these negative emotions. We shouldn’t be losing these beautiful, bright men because they feel there is no other choice than to end it. What a tragedy. Do you see what I am saying?


Writing therapy provides effective healing from PTSD, researchers have discovered. I believe it should be taken into the armed forces where men and women are committing suicide after serving. They cannot reconcile what happened in war, I know writing therapy has the power to help them to write these down to remove these traumatic memories and emotions from their unconscious. I have met quite a few men who came back from war and are then shattered as people. Writing therapy crosses both sides of your brain and for these people I know it would provide freedom from these traumatic events that play over and over in your mind. I know because I have experienced this freedom.

Researchers have found writing therapy provides the most complete healing out of all the therapies, used with counselling. It provides greater release than simply talking but it does not replace a counsellor, it can be used by people to heal themselves. It goes deep inside the person and when used with a counsellor, it provides amazing relief.

Most people don’t seem to know what writing therapy is, I can tell you what it’s not.

  • It is not just for writers, it does not involve learning creative writing techniques or academic techniques either.
  • It rejects grammar or structural constraints, it is not about perfecting your writing.
  • It is not about sharing our writing with anyone, unless we want to, but the idea is to write for yourself, and yourself only.
  • You do not even have to be literate, people who were illiterate have used writing therapy by writing single words – and they were released from their negative emotions, whilst in hospital and saw improved physical health.

What is writing therapy then?

Neuro-scientists have found that we live 95% out of our unconscious, which means that even if you think you have dealt with your past and things that have happened to you, unless you have actually consciously dealt with it, then you haven’t removed it. It will be with your forever and it will affect your conscious life forever. Denial does not change this fact.

The simplicity of writing therapy is that it involves only two main tenets.

  1. Write down your deepest emotions about a traumatic experience, how it made you feel as a person, your rawest and deepest emotions about what happened. If you do not go deep, it will not work.
  2. Write down what happened to you as it happened but certain things you may not need to go into graphic detail, but simply write what happened.

I have experienced this in my own life using writing therapy, it powerfully freed me from a traumatic episode nine years ago. In addition to this, I have run many workshops and seen many people be freed from negative memories, emotions, stress, resentment, anxiety and depression inside them.

My book contains different exercises and questions to lead you through a process, to start you out with writing therapy. You can do writing therapy any time you need, and you can use these methods for the rest of your life.

In my book, I have the experiences of others in regard to writing therapy, my own story, research showing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing writing therapy brings. It is so simple. Please join me in freeing yourself from things you may not even be aware were affecting you. Go well and be well. Suzanne

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