2015 – Looking forward

Sometimes before going forward we must look back to where we’ve been – to be grateful for what has been and to feel glad we have come through some difficult times. Yesterday, I wrote a list of things that had happened in 2014, the good, the bad, the significant, people I met, new experiences, negative experiences, health issues I had last year, and some amazing, outstanding and transcendent experiences I also had. I highly recommend this.

1. Write down everything you went through in 2014 in dot points. This will allow you to see everything that was before and to possibly let go of anything you need to as well as give you peace and gratitude for the wonderful things that happened and the way you were looked after and blessed in 2014. I think it is very useful to do this then you have an overview and can feel satisfaction that you came through a lot or celebration that you experienced amazing things as well. Most likely, it will be both, well it was for me.

2. Then you can write your resolutions, after letting go of 2014 and feeling gratitude and really “seeing” everything you went through and maybe for some of you it was an amazing year, 2014! For me – 2014 was filled with knowledge of humankind that was at times disturbing and other times inspiring, and I mean in the people I met and personal relationships as well as on the world stage.

The resolutions can then be focused – as you have overseen where you have been and the things that are developing in your life and areas you want to explore more. I love New Years, because it allows me a clean page on which to write and have things written and reveals to me a path ahead that is unchartered, maybe crooked and windy, possibly dangerous and uncertain, and definitely less travelled than other roads, but it is my path and I love to be standing here at the beginning of a new section of it, with the wind causing ‘bracing ventillation’ and to anticipate the adventures that lie around those twists and turns, and the possibility of the unknown and unexpected.

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