Words are immensely powerful…

Words hold immense power. One of my students and a friend in my life inspired me to resume writing my book about writing therapy last week. They didn’t know they were doing it, but together their words affected me internally. One of them was just playing around as well. Be careful with words, they carry a lot of power. Words can expand someone, allow them to feel appreciated, respected for their talents or personal attributes, to feel “seen”, words can cause growth, enlighten, enliven, and conversely words can penetrate, destroy and denigrate others. I have seen the power of abusive words personally and in others’ lives, how it can take people years to recover from this, if they choose to, or faster if they confront it with truth. Remember this when you speak and write to those around you. 🙂 Words are beautiful messengers and small bridges of connection between us and others, it can be intimate and it can be a simple communication between work colleagues. Words connect us to each other. I have always loved words since I was five years old placing them in this folder as we learned them. I was captivated and in love with words from the first moment. But now I see their significance even more. Value your words and give them to others with care, they are small gifts that carry so much more meaning than a material object. You could inspire people around you and you could help them right when they needed to hear a kind word, we never know what they are facing or what is going on inside others. Happy International Happiness Day!IMG_0280

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