Expressive Writing Therapy Workshop

Hey guys,

With recent horrific events in New Zealand, I want to say that my love and prayers are going towards the people in Christ Church. Especially, the families of people who have lost loved ones. The pic I have included in this post is from Queenstown when I visited New Zealand last year. I am half a New Zealander on my Dad’s side. My heart breaks for all of the people involved and I have been so touched by all the people responding to the horrific event.

I know a lot of my readers are not from Australia but I am just letting everyone know I am running an Expressive Writing Therapy workshop on May 11. Writing therapy can help us to process events like this in the world, can help us work through these emotions about the world. There is pain in the world and all of us has experienced something that causes us pain. Writing therapy is a simple way that we can process and be free from suffering inside.

I am excited to offer this workshop in a fun, supportive and educational workshop where people can experience the power of writing therapy, by learning simple writing exercises. Writing therapy has been proven to heal people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have been doing workshops for ten years, but I love the workshop environment where people can come together and learn the power of writing therapy.

If you’re in Queensland, Australia contact me and I can give you more details. 🙂

I hope you have a lovely day! Look at these ducks below, moving through the crisp, clear and refreshingly cold water.

Go well and be well, Suz


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