Writing therapy extremely important for men…

Hello again,

Recently, I discovered research that showed that men benefit the most from writing therapy. I have always suspected this would be the case, as men are possibly more reluctant to share their feelings and they may even feel ashamed as they feel they should be strong. In some cases they are not aware of their emotions until its too late.

Yesterday, I found out about the death of a bright, young beautiful student I used to teach at University. Suicide affects men three times more than women. This has shown me the importance of trying to get more men to do writing therapy, I know it can help them.

I am putting together the last chapter of my book about writing therapy, this will be available shortly. I want to show men they can use writing therapy and get rid of a lot of these negative messages they have in their heads. We shouldn’t be losing these beautiful, bright men because they feel there is no other choice than to end it. What a tragedy. Can you see what I am saying? Make sure you ask people in your life, men and women if they are ok, because you don’t want it to be too late.



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